Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPhone users will enjoy and use the rest to work

9:23 PM
First, without anesthesia. A study by Compete says that most iPhone users use it for fun and not to work.

The report, based on a comparison of 600 users of so-called smart phones, found that 73% of iPhone owners use their phones primarily for entertainment. In contrast, 59% of users of smart phones different from Apple determine that your phone is a working tool than anything else.

When analyzing these numbers in more detail the landscape looks different. While only 2 percent of iPhone owners said they had never downloaded something for your phone, 27 percent of the owners of other smart phones have never acknowledged that fact. Furthermore, a higher percentage of these users-41 percent-said that he saw no need to add new applications; because his emails and other work-related services was everything they wanted.

Why majority of phone users than the iPhone see their smart phones primarily as business tools? Most likely, the study concludes, is not due to be more suitable for business, but because they have fewer applications focused on entertainment, something that your users get plenty of apple.

However, this aspect is changing rapidly with the advent of new machines tactile shops App Store-style applications for other phones and popularization of new operating systems.


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