Saturday, July 24, 2010

Samsung will measure the impact of advertising on LCD panels

2:03 AM
Korean multinational presented in Madrid their software tool developed in collaboration with TruMedia; Samsung Allio.

This is a solution to measure the impact of advertising in real time, so that the contents will be issued depending on the audience that is watching the screen. This application detects how many people are facing the screen in an area of 120 ยบ and up to six feet away, and determined the age, sex and content of what they were looking at the time, thanks to the information it receives from two cameras installed on the screen being broadcast advertising.

This tool allows you to set an order of issue of content and schedule it according to demographic characteristics. Thus, it can be given more often less seen the ad or give priority to less time that has been exposed. Similarly, the application allows getting statistics for content, so advertisers know what kind of person has seen every ad and every space of time. Therefore, if 10 in the morning there was a commercial for men, but statistics reveals that at that time there were more women watching it will change and be issued a notice to women for greater impact.


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