Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Natal Kinecta - E3 2010 review

 Through the blog comes the Technocracy friend informeeque the official name for the most anticipated game of the year, Project Natal, Kinecta is now on officially. The E3, the world's largest exhibition of video games, does not begin until tomorrow, but the news starts flowing. Microsoft unveiled the official name of his new accessory for the XBox 360, which promises a level of interaction never before seen. Kinecta, the official name of what was formerly called Natal, is a control system in which the user is not required to hold a command to play since it involves a camera that recognizes the body's movements and translates them into actions within the game .

Also announced the official titles that allow players to experience this new way to interact:

Kinectimals :In this game you interact with a virtual pet.,Joyride: A racing game where you direct the car with your hands,Kinecta Sports: Various sports such as boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, football and table tennis.,Kinecta Adventures: Race rafts.,Dance Central:Dance game.


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